Broker Courses

For the schedule and times of the Florida Real Estate Broker’s Course taught IN-CLASS,
Call Gary L. Roland at (850) 748-6200.

Anyone can become a licensed Florida Real Estate Broker after having been actively licensed in real estate working under one of more Brokers in ANY state, territory or country for at least 24 months during the past 5 years; therefore, this individual does not first have to be a Sales Associate in Florida.  If one is NOT from a state of mutual recognition with Florida, he must successfully complete the required 72-Hour Principles, Practices and Law II Course, which can be taken either on-line or in-class. The 100 question multiple-choice end-of-course exam must be successfully passed with a 70% or better score. Then the 100 question multiple-choice state exam must be successfully passed with 75% or better score to become licensed.  Call Gary Roland at (850) 748-6200 for class schedule and details.

2019 Broker’s Course Schedule with classes meeting on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 6-10 pm:
FEBRUARY 17……. through MARCH 19——–Exam MARCH 23
MARCH 30……… through APRIL 30———Exam MAY 4
MAY 11………… through JUNE 18———-Exam JUNE 22

COST OF THE BROKER’S IN-CLASS COURSE: $595.00, includes In-Class Instruction, Broker’s Textbook, End-of-Course Exam, and Pass Slip

In-class Broker classes are always forming. Our In-class Broker courses are taught completely IN-CLASS, so it is not hybrid where most of your learning is done looking at a screen with no explanation or illustration for understanding and etching the material into the memory. For schedules, please call us at (850) 748-6200. If we should be tied up, please leave a message. We DO return calls.

Our Broker license courses are always available online. We use only the best possible Broker materials online, and we are available to answer e-mail questions. The Broker on-line course is valid for a full year from the date of enrollment.  You can take the entire course and end-of-course online and take the Florida Broker’s State Exam in ANY state and be licensed before ever coming to Florida. Call Gary Roland at (850) 748-6200 for details.  To enroll online, go to and choose the Broker’s Course from the Online Courses menu.

COST OF THE BROKER’S ONLINE COURSE:  $345, includes full year’s access to the entire online course material, End-of-Course Exam, and Pass Slip