Hybrid Courses–Sales Associates and Brokers



You are welcome to attend our FREE Career Q & A Session on Tuesday, November 14th, from 5:30-6:30 pm.  We will be glad to answer all your questions about getting into a new, profitable career of Real Estate.

Roland, Inc. School of Real Estate offers, for those whose schedules and responsibilities will not allow them to sit in a complete in-class course, an opportunity to get the in-class help to cover the concepts of real estate that are a little more difficult to understand if there is not instructor to clarify and explain the online material.

You will be enrolling and taking the entire course (with end-of-lesson quizzes and end-of-course exam) online; however, while taking the course you will be able to attend the in-class sessions as fits your schedule.  Once enrolled in the online course, you will have a full 6 month’s access to the online material while being able to sit through as many scheduled in-class instruction hours as desired.  While taking the online course, make note of any questions that arise and e-mail them to Gary@RolandSchoolOfRE.com, and we will answer them in the classroom sessions that you attend, benefitting both you and the in-class students, or your questions can be specifically answered for you in telephone communications.

Once enrolled in the Hybrid Course, you can enter into a class no matter where the particular Course series is at that time. And you can attend as many in-class sessions as you need (for a full year) until you feel competent with the material.

To enroll in the Hybrid Class, you must enroll in the on-line course at www.RolandSchoolOfRE.com, and clicking on and enrolling in the 63-Hour Sales Associate’s Principles, Practices and Law I (The On-line Sales Associate’s Course is $295.), or enrolling in the 72-Hour Broker’s Principles, Practices and Law II (The On-line Broker’s Course is $395.) The On-Line Courses are interactive with quizzes at the end of each lesson that must be successfully completed before advancing to the next lesson. A student has a full six month’s access to the material and can take the course at his/her own speed. The end-of-course exam is taken after completing all the online lessons.

The Hybrid Class is to aid and facilitate the on-line student to be better prepared to complete and pass the course the first time. The Hybrid Class feature (being able to attend as many in-class sessions as one needs for the six months, plus having the course textbook “in-hand”) is an additional $320 for Sales Associates and $445 for Brokers, which includes the textbook for either the Sales Associate or Broker’s course for highlighting, quick review and study. The total cost for the Sales Associate’s Hybrid Course is, therefore, $615 (which includes the $295 On-line Sales Associate Course), and for the Broker’s Hybrid Course is $840 (which includes the $395 On-line Broker’s Course).