Exam-Cram Course

Pre-Exam Prep Cram Course:

Roland School of Real Estate conducts a pre-exam prep cram class for those students who desire additional preparation for either (or both) the end-of-course and state exams. The purpose of the Cram Course is to give students a final preparation so they can pass the End-of-Course Exam and the State Exam “the first time.” The preparation gives numerous helps on “How to Take a Multiple-Choice Exam” and a comprehensive review of the course material, covering up to 600 multiple-questions. (WE DO NOT COVER ALL 600 QUESTIONS. TO EVEN ATTEMPT TO DO SO WOULD NOT GIVE ANY UNDERSTANDING TO THE STUDENTS.) The purpose of the questions is to equip and prepare the students for taking multiple-choice end-of-course and state exams and to give a review of the course material. The questions are presented so as to benefit and aid the student rather than overwhelm and confuse. In no way are the questions represented as being questions known to be or to have been on the state exam.

The Pre-Exam Prep Cram Courses are held on the Saturdays that just precede the Monday End-of-Course Exams to fully prepare the student for both the end-of-course and state exams. (Since the Cram Course is open to students who have taken the course from other schools, it is not uncommon to hear students say, “I wish I had taken Gary Roland’s class first!,”  and “I passed the state exam because of taking Gary Roland’s Cram Course!”

8 AM TO 4 PM ON THE FOLLOWING SATURDAYS:                                                                                                                                            AUGUST 10                                                                                                                                                                                                                SEPTEMBER 21

Cost for the 1-Day Prep Cram Class: $85.00 (There is a $20 discount for those who completed the course through Roland, Inc. School of Real Estate.)