Online Courses for Real Estate Sales Associate & Broker Licensees

Courses are offered ON-LINE for those students who find it difficult to make an IN-CLASS schedule.  We use the Dearborn Materials platform–the highest quality of Florida Real Estate Education Publications.  The courses are interactive with quizzes at the end of each lesson (each quiz must be passed before advancing to the next lesson).

Once one has enrolled, they will have six month’s 24/7 access to the material.  Upon completion of a course, the student will take a Florida Real Estate Commission-approved multiple-choice end-of-course exam.

Courses offered for Florida Real Estate Sales Associates:

PRINCIPLES, PRACTICES AND LAW I (THE SALES ASSOCIATE PRE-LICENSE COURSE)  This course must be taken and the end-of-course successfully passed before being able to take the state exam to become licensed.   The end-of-course exam is designed like the state exam, in that both exams are 100 multiple-choice questions, with each question being worth one point.  Passing on the end-of-course exam is 70%, and passing on the state exam is 75%.  The entire pre-license course and end-of-course exam are taken online.  The end-of-course exam is timed for 3 hours.   The state exam is timed for 3 1/2 hours and is administered through Pearson VUE.  ENROLL NOW

EXAM PREPARATION (HUNDREDS OF PRACTICE EXAM QUESTIONS you may want to take prior to taking the end-of-course exam to check on your grasp of the course material and to be aware of how the exam questions might be asked.)  ENROLL NOW

45-HOUR SALES ASSOCIATE POST-LICENSE COURSE– The course sales associates must successfully complete prior to the expiration of the initial license.  (The initial license is valid for at least 18 months but no longer than 2 years, with all licenses expiring on either March 31 or September 30.  So the term of the initial license will depend upon when one passed the state exam.) ENROLL NOW

CONTINUING EDUCATION FOR SALES ASSOCIATES AND BROKERS (The material licensees must complete for each 2-year renewal license period.)  ENROLL NOW

PRINCIPLES, PRACTICES & LAW II (The Broker’s Pre-License Course)  ENROLL NOW