“Everyone ought to have Gary Roland for a teacher as some time in their life.”
– D. L.

“If I had had Gary for a math teacher in Junior High, I could have been a rocket scientist.”
– M. S.

“Good morning, Gary!

I just wanted to let you know that I passed he state exam this morning! The ladies at the attendant desk were pretty surprised when I submitted my exam at just under 40 minutes. Haha! There wasn’t anything on the exam that you didn’t thoroughly cover in class. It was very easy to determine the correct answers.

I know that taking a course in class is more expensive than taking the course online; however, your class is worth every penny and then some more. Thank you for the great value that you provide. I am realizing how I have a head start over other new agents now that I am in training with my broker. Because of the attention you paid to detail in your instructing and the application you showed for all of the concepts that you taught, I have been able to understand more quickly how to navigate the contracts, closing statements, and general guidelines necessary for starting my career. I notice that other agents ask lots of questions that you had covered in-depth in class. For example, one licensee, who took a course online, didn’t understand prorations of taxes on a closing statement. I feel so much more prepared than others who are just starting their career. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I have been recommending your course to everyone I know!”
– J. F.

“Obviously ‘knows his stuff!!’ Gary’s ability to teach Core Law exceeds other instructors I’ve had!”
– C. M.

“Very easy to follow his great presentation!”
– C. H.

“Mr. Roland keeps you interested in the material, and tells stories that help to remember the material.”
– K. A.

“Accurate. Funny. Informative. Awesome. Thank you, Gary. You changed my life.”
– G T.

“Just a quick note to thank you for the time you took to professionally educate me in the real estate profession. This morning I passed my State Exam on the first attempt!

I sincerely appreciate the efforts you make in class to truly teach. I will say again that even with my college degree in Radio/Television Journalism, you are one of the very best “teachers” I’ve had the pleasure to be tutored by. Thank you!

In comparison, I met a man this morning at McDonald’s Restaurant while we were both having a cup of coffee before we went in to take State exams. He was about 40 years old and very worried and concerned that he was not well prepared for the State exam. He complained that his instructor in the 63 hour Pre-Licensing class did little to actually cover the material. He said the instructor let them out of class regularly very early and he bets that he didn’t get even near 40 hours of class instruction. And that the instructor actually gave his class the Class Final exam in a practice run, then held discussion, then gave the same test again. They had a very high pass rate: everyone passed. But the downside, he doesn’t feel like he was prepared to take the State Exam. I would be curious to know what percentage of that instructor’s students passed the State Exam.”
– J. R.


Some of the comments made by students after completing the pre-license course with Gary Roland are as follows:

“I’m so glad I took Gary’s class, so I didn’t have to take the course a second time!”

“The material was taught clearly so I could understand it.”

“I learned so much to help me in buying and selling property for myself!”

“The class was so much more valuable than the cost!”

“Gary’s illustrations were from his own real estate experience and will be so helpful for when I get my license!”

“If I’d had Gary for a math teacher in junior high, I could have been a rocket scientist! He did a superb job in math, making it simple and understandable.”
– M. S. (Gary Roland will not attest as to the accuracy of his first sentence!)

“Gary made learning fun! Wonderful stories and illustrations of subject matter. Drawings are truly pieces of art.” (Roland will not certify the validity of that last statement, either.)