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                                                                                           Gary L. Roland; M.A., GRI                                                                                                                                                                                  Licensed Realtor since 1978                                                                                               Licensed Florida Real Estate Instructor since 1983

8443 Pensacola Blvd.; Pensacola, FL  32534

The Florida Real Estate Broker’s Course with IN-CLASS INSTRUCTION, ONLINE, and HYBRID OPTIONS
Call Gary L. Roland at (850) 748-6200.

Anyone can become a licensed Florida Real Estate Broker after having been actively licensed as a Real Estate Sales Associate working under one or more Brokers in ANY state, territory or country for at least 24 months during the past 5 years; therefore, this individual does not first have to have been a Sales Associate in Florida.  To get the Broker’s license, one must successfully complete the required 72-Hour Principles, Practices and Law II Course, which can be taken either on-line or in-class. The 100 multiple-choice-question end-of-course exam must be successfully passed with a 70% or better score. Then the 100 multiple-choice-question state exam must be successfully passed with a 75% or better score to receive their state license.  Call Gary Roland at (850) 748-6200 for class schedule and details.


BEGINS:                                 ENDS:                           EXAM DATE:                                                                                                                       JULY 8  ……………………….  AUGUST 8  …………..  AUGUST 12                                                                                                                                      AUGUST 19  ………………..  SEPTEMBER 19  ……  SEPTEMBER 23                                                                                                                            OCTOBER 7  ……………….  NOVEMBER 7  ………  NOVEMBER 11


CLASS DATES:                                                      EXAM DATE:                                                                                                                                        JULY 22-26 & JULY 29-AUGUST 2  ………….  AUGUST 12                                                                                                                                          OCTOBER 14-18 & OCTOBER 21-25  ………..   NOVEMBER 11

BROKER’S IN-CLASS COURSE: $595.00, includes In-Class Instruction (for as many times as desired for a full year), Broker’s Textbook, the Scheduled End-of-Course Exam, and Pass Slip

In-class Broker classes are always forming. Our In-class Broker courses are taught completely IN-CLASS, so it is not hybrid where most of your learning is done looking at a screen with no explanation or illustration for understanding and etching the material into the memory. For details, please call Gary Roland at (850) 748-6200. If we should be tied up, please leave a message. We DO return calls.

Our ONLINE Broker license course are always available online. We use only the best possible Broker materials online, and we are available to answer e-mail questions. The Broker on-line course is valid for six months from the date of enrollment.  You can take the entire course and end-of-course online and take the Florida Broker’s State Exam in ANY state and be fully licensed before ever coming to Florida. Call Gary Roland at (850) 748-6200 for details.  To enroll online, go to and click on the “Online Courses” menu, then click on the Broker’s Course.

COST OF THE BROKER’S ONLINE COURSE:  $395, includes six month’s 24/7 access to the entire online course material, access to the Instructor by telephone and text, End-of-Course Exam, and Pass Slip. If you would like to have the Broker’s Textbook in hand for studying, it is available for $91.31 plus tax, and shipping (if desired). If one enrolls in the online course and finds that the In-Class Course is also necessary (making it the HYBRID option), the in-class course with textbook is available for an additional $465.